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Individuals come to us to sell oil royalties and sell gas royalties to quickly convert their stream of income to a lump sum payment through a very hassle free process. We will make fair offers on all oil, gas, and mineral rights. We have made offers ranging from $3,000 to the many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Where We Buy

Royalty Purchaser is a firm that specializes in the CASH purchase of oil and gas royalties and mineral rights from estates and individuals. We buy oil royalties and buy gas royalties interests from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia, New Mexico, Michigan, California, Illinois, Montana, Canada and many other North American locations.

Estates trust us because we provide a quick and easy way to liquidate assets out of estates and get a fair evaluation.

  • Basics of Oil Formation and Discovery

    There are several theories as to how oil and gas deposits are formed. The most popular theory is that oil and gas deposits were formed from vegetable and animal life in the seas. Over the course of mi

  • Leasing your Mineral Interest; Benefits and Pot holes

    When you lease your minerals, you are referred to as a “lessor”. The person that you are leasing to, generally an oil company, is known as a “lessee”. The lease that you sign is granting the l

  • Prices Falling; Recovery Unknown

    You’ve probably seen the news: Crude Oil prices have dropped by half their value in less than a year. Oil was traded for $100+ per barrel in July 2014, and then began to slip. To $80-85 per barrel i

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    Royalty Purchasers was fair and upfront. I would use them again. Thanks.

    - Janice


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    Gave me the best price on my royalties!

    - John M


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    Royalty Purchasers gave me a fair price for my royalties when I needed a quick sale. The representative I dealt with was knowledgeable and kind. Thanks for making the process easy!