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Why Sell?

Some reasons to sell your gas and oil royalty income include:

A Need For Cash

Convert the revenue stream from your gas and oil royalty into a lump sum payment immediately. Older interests may produce less income over time and carry the liability of cleanup. Convert this interest to cash and pass that liability on to another party while getting fair market value for your property.

Estate Liquidation/Management

Organization prior to passing of an estate is a reason that many choose to clean up their estate. Gas and oil royalty assets are converted to cash for an easy transaction as these assets could potentially mean a great tax burden to the estate. Make it easy on the heirs and minmize the tax burden. Surviving heirs may also want to realize the value of the gas and oil royalty asset and can take advantage of our services.

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    Royalty Purchasers was fair and upfront. I would use them again. Thanks.

    - Janice


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    Gave me the best price on my royalties!

    - John M


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    Royalty Purchasers gave me a fair price for my royalties when I needed a quick sale. The representative I dealt with was knowledgeable and kind. Thanks for making the process easy!