4 Advantages of Selling Your Mineral Rights & Royalties

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    The investment world generally considers securities exchange but today there is a portion of the investing community that has deep dive into different spaces of growth. Landowners pass on mineral rights alongside a property’s surface rights, in the right geologic regions, mineral rights are purchased and sold with an eye on the possible future turn of events or then again if the property is already in production, expansion of the oil and gas field’s output.

    It is appropriately expected that having oil and gas mineral rights is a part of exceptional luck. It tends to be. If oil or gas is found on an individual’s property – or somebody acquires mineral rights, – the capital possibly gained can be lucrative.

    There is a wide range of reasons for selling mineral rights and every seller is unique. You may need money to work on your home, take care of debts, finance your child’s schooling, or understand the money worth of your resources today. You’ll get a lump sum amount, instead of the traditional smaller month-to-month royalty payment paid throughout a significant period.

    Advantages of Selling Mineral

    Rights & Royalties


    If the value of your oil and gas mineral is greater than your net worth, then you should sell it. Selling the mineral rights and buying a total market ETF will give you broad diversification and an average 1.75% dividend yield.

    Selling Mineral Rights Have Lower Taxes

    It is feasible to sell mineral rights and pay no taxes. The federal government considers, under the 10-31 Like-Kind Exchanges Code, a person to sell their land and mineral rights and pay no taxes if they buy a like-kind property. And, regardless of whether an individual doesn’t accept a like-kind property, that individual no longer has the tax burden related to the property.

    Quick Lumpsum Payment

    You can receive a lump sum and quick payment after selling mineral rights and oil and gas royalties. This cash can be used to pay off debt, finance school, save, invest – however you want to use it. To benefit from the current value of your royalties and capitalize on high commodity prices today.

    Facilitates Estate Management

    While combining or selling a home, it tends to be undeniably challenging to change mineral resources for your kids or different beneficiaries. The interaction can be ideal and costly for all gatherings. People that own mineral rights in various states will be likely to probate before passing the title to beneficiaries, bringing about expanded costs for the home and the main beneficiaries themselves. Distributing cash assets is a simpler, affordable way to divide property from an estate.

    By selling us your rights and royalties, you can use that cash lump sum to invest in assets that are likelier to appreciate in the future. Contact Royalty Purchaser to receive a quick cash payment.

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